And so it begins! … Almost.

So I'm in the final stages of putting together the first in a series of short stories all about a boy living in a dystopian future and zombies. I honestly feel giddy about it all! I wrote this story about a year and a half ago and returned to it recently. After a few redrafts and a hell of a lot of constructive criticism from my peers, I've finally been able to push forward in this self-publishing malarky! 

So I've been doing a lot of research into how one should actually go about publishing to Kindle and it has been causing me a LOT of stress. I may write a blog post of my process just so that others who are in the same boat can take a look and decide if it's the route they wish to take, or just for a general information on what to expect. 

I've got the next couple of stories written, but I will need to go back and take a serious look at them before I can even think about releasing them. My plan is kind of simple, and partly experimentation with where I wish to go. I'm going to try and build up my name in the writing industry by self-publishing this series of short stories and then take my main one to a publisher and use the following that I've built to show that people have an interest in what I write. Maybe it will work, maybe it won't. Either way, it's a good place to start! 

I'm going to put up a snippet of the first paragraph or so once it's released, just so that people can get a feel of what it's about! Once I do that I will put up a post and a link to it. All my social media feeds are up and ready to go! Now it's just a waiting game for the artwork I've commissioned a dear friend to do!

Excited doesn't cover it!

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