The Girl Who Took a Rocket to the Moon & Other Stories – Update!

The Girl Who Took a Rocket to the Moon & Other Stories – Update!

Firstly, I would just like to say thank you to those who contributed to my indiegogo campaign. I cannot believe the generosity I have been blessed with and I am so touched that others believe in this project. I want all of you to know that every penny will go towards pushing the book out to people to create as much awareness surrounding mental illness as possible.

I would secondly like to apologise for the silence since the campaign ended, but I want to assure you I have been working behind the scenes organising the final draft of the stories in and out around life and finding the best ways in which to fulfill the rewards. I have found the printing company which I wish to use for the physical copies, (both hardback and paperback), as well as where I wish to get the front covers printed.

Everything is certainly exciting at the moment and I cannot wait to go out into the city centre and start to really push the collection of short stories. I’ve been in touch with the local Waterstones to see if they will sell physical copies in store so if anything comes of this I will definitely be shouting about it.

Here is a breakdown of how the funds will currently be spent in the interest of keeping everything transparent:


The leftover is currently contingency, in case any of these activities cost more or less. However if there is anything left once these other aspects have been fulfilled, then the money will be put towards the production of more physical copies.

I will try to update more often than I already am as I am highly aware it isn’t often enough!

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