The Girl Who Took a Rocket to the Moon & Other Stories

The Girl Who Took a Rocket to the Moon & Other Stories

This is an idea that has been close to my heart for a very long time.

From a personal aspect, there was a time when I never understood the concepts of mental health. It’s very easy to say or do something wrong when that understanding isn’t there. As I have grown seeing those closest to me suffer from anxiety, depression, OCD, and a whole host of other mental health issues, it has made me want to write these children’s stories to create awareness and I hope that with your help, it will be possible to spread this message as far as I am able.

Mental health has always been a taboo subject that people don’t seem to be willing to discuss. People don’t feel like they can open up about their issues and those that do can feel marginalised which can lead them to say nothing more. I want to be a part of the movement that’s opening up the floor and saying: “We need to start talking about this now”.

This is the grand scale dream.

A basis of understanding is needed right from our development stages. A basis that allows for both awareness of oneself and understanding of others that could be suffering. These issues need to take centre stage at an earlier level in order to break its archaic and needless taboo, allowing for an emotional and mentally aware society.

This collection contains 7 short stories, each aiming to open up the conversation around an aspect of mental health, from anxiety and panic disorders to depression, written in an accessible way for children (or adults) through character and story arch to hopefully encourage an enriched emotional development. These stories are written and I plan to self-publish them on the amazon kindle platform at the beginning of March. The money raised here will go towards the promotional material needed to spread the message.

There are battles people are going through that you may never suspect. I’ve written these stories to try and do my part for the people who are suffering. For the people that don’t think they are good enough or don’t understand what’s happening to them. For those silently coming face to face with their mortality and wondering why. I would just like to say that you are loved. You are needed. And even at your weakest, there is a strength in you that can be found when the nights look their bleakest.

If you feel like you want to support this, then please go to the Indigogo campaign and help spread the word as far as possible. It would be wonderful if you guys could check it out, catch up on any of the updates I’ve posted there and if you feel inclined, spread it on any social feeds or to any people you feel would in interested in taking a look.

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