Location, Location, Location Inspiration

Location, Location, Location Inspiration

I know I seem to be harping on about inspiration a lot lately but I guess it’s just something that’s been on my mind. Like I’ve said in my previous post, inspiration is hard and strikes in the rarest of moments. Maybe I feel lucky. I’ve been struck quite a lot lately which has seriously helped with my writing and I guess I just want to advocate that the truth is out there! No, wait that’s aliens… I mean inspiration. Inspiration is out there.

Here are a couple of places where I’ve found inspiration from the stories I’m writing now, to the ones I’ve written previously. I would just like to do a lovely shout out to my girlfriend Laura (Lauraloolabelle) for all of the brilliant photography included in this post!

Sherwood Forest and Sherwood Pines

There is a beauty in Sherwood Forest that makes you feel like you can almost hear Robin of Locksley gallivanting through the trees alongside his merry men. Although the famous old oak wasn’t as dripping with culture as I’d like (mainly to the tree being held up by props due to its age and the many people taking photos from a barrier around the perimeter), the magnificence that emanates from the stories around it is still striking.

The more immersive area however I found was Sherwood Pines, where little footways were bordered by incredibly tall trees. If you’re looking for inspiration around wildlife and nature and a sense of enclosure among the denser trees, I really do believe you can find it here.

Old tree in Sherwood forest

Sherwood forest trees









There’s also a lot of artistry hidden within the forest. For example, the little house carved from a tree stump made me wonder about all the different sorts of fairytale creatures that could’ve lived there! (Unfortunately I don’t have access to a picture right now due to a mishap involving my phone, a table edge and about half a foot of falling distance).

Dalby Forest

Dalby is one of my favourite forests in the country. It holds significance in many ways. Firstly, due to the fact that it’s such an important place for my girlfriend. Seeing how her face lit up as we explored the trails really hit home about the importance of the countryside to her. Secondly, the way that the forest sprawled out for miles showcasing amazing views between parted trees and the scuttling, sounds of nature made me realise how much bigger the world really is.

Shipley Woods (you may be guessing a theme here)

I grew up in a sleepy little village a stone’s throw away from the trees of Shipley woods. When I explored as a kid alongside my friends I will admit I was arrogant, believing I knew all of its mysteries from sheltered hideyholes to its nooks and crannies. It was only on revisiting after a long period of time away (a couple of years in fact) that I began to appreciate its beauty again.

Although not as large or dense, there is a sense of history within, as you stumble upon the foundation of the old hall that stood in the 18th century. Although the foundations are very clean and regimented, wandering through them still gives you a sense of grandeur.

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