News Flashes

Here are a couple of quick updates on my progress and what's been happening so far this year!

So I've just entered my first competition of the year! I've spoken about it before in a previous post about the 100 word Readers Digest Competition and I've submitted the 5 that I felt were my best work. It's actually inspired me to keep writing them, as I now want to put out a collection of these 100 word stories as part of my self-publishing process. So keep a look out for that! 

I'm still in the process of getting a front cover for my short story series that will hopefully be coming out soon once I've sorted out a few issues that are currently going on in my life. I really hope I am able to do this quickly! I have big plans for using a friend’s street team service and will be using the weekends to reach out to people as an indie author.

Other than that, I’ve been collating some of the blog posts I’ve written for other companies, as well as collecting together pieces of copy written for other sources. To take a look at the blog posts, click here, or just look under the 'Content' tab at the top. Once I am able to put together a decent way to present my other material (be it a viewing gallery or something else) I will put that up too.

I’ve currently hit writers block when it comes to my main story. Mainly due to overthinking and finding a lot of plot points that would be too complicated or too cliché to work with. I need a couple of days where I can relax in front of my laptop and just plot everything down onto paper, something that I should be able to do very soon. I most certainly need to revisit Café Nero again!

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