Radio Silence is Good Silence… Right? Short Story Update #2!

Radio Silence is Good Silence… Right? Short Story Update #2!

So I like to think that maybe radio silence isn’t necessarily a bad thing. If you don’t hear from someone for a while, it would be wiser to assume that they are super busy working, possibly starting their own international ping-pong championship, or choreographing Beyonce’s next routine, rather than recovering from let’s say, a bear mauling. Of course, only one of the above is true, and since I haven’t visited any dangerous woodlands recently and Beyonce won’t return my emails, I promise you I have been working hard behind the scenes!

I’ve finally released the digitized version of my short story collection. Yep, that’s right folks, I’m a bonafide self-published author! Watch out Penguin I’m coming for you next! (The publisher… not the fancy tuxedo bird).

The Girl Who Took a Rocket to the Moon & Other Stories Amazon Kindle page

Check it out:

I cannot get over how seriously cool it felt to finally upload that manuscript onto the Kindle platform for the first time! I’ll admit that the second and third time I uploaded it I was slightly less enthusiastic… but you know what? It’s all sorted out and I’m on the final round of edits and format changes for the physical copies. These will hopefully go into production very soon so it’s safe to say I’m feeling pretty great right about now.

I also have some more news, I was news! Hull Daily Mail thought my venture was noteworthy enough to give me half a page spread! Here I am in a variety of stances and poses: #EdgyBrickwallPictures

If you happen to venture down Newland Avenue area you may recognise the front cover in the form of leaflets that I’ve been lying about in cafes and bars. Flyergeddon has begun and no coffee shop is safe! (I’m looking at you Nero). I actually managed to run through my first batch in less than one outing, which means that although I’ve had to downgrade ever so slightly from card to paper, I’ve got a fresh batch of flyers ready to go!

Th whole vibe has been really positive, and a couple of cool opportunities have arisen from simply going into shops and talking to people. There have been talks about possible book reading events and selling physical copies in certain places but I don’t want to say anything solid until it actually becomes a reality.

Peace out guys, will post more updates very soon!


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