The Girl Who Took a Rocket to the Moon Story Snippet

The girl who took a rocket to the moon

There once was a girl who took a rocket to the moon. She didn’t want to go, she could never understand the excitement other people felt to go to a big dusty rock hundreds and thousands of miles away in the sky. Her family was so excited but she didn’t have the heart to tell them how she really felt. They told her that many people could only dream of going to the moon, that it only ever happened once in a lifetime.

The girl didn’t care for other people’s dreams for she only wished for one thing – to be home where she was surrounded by her family and friends. Going away meant going alone and the thought of this sent a cold feeling through her body. This caused her limbs to shake and her heart to quiver and beat fast within her.

As the engines fired, the rocket lifted from the earth. She looked out of the tiny round window towards the launch pad, where she could see her family and best friend waving farewell to her. She waved back and pressed her face against the glass. As she rose into the air it was as if she had left her heart on the ground with them. The further away she moved, the more fearful and vulnerable she felt.

The engines roared as she hurtled through space. The girl tried her hardest not to cry as she saw the moon drawing slowly closer and closer. Oh how she cursed it, yelling until she felt her lungs would burst. Her tears blurred her vision so much that she could almost convince herself she wasn’t going. Finally, she fell into a restless sleep where she tossed and turned, calling out the names of all those she had left behind.

When she awoke, the rocket was coming in for landing. The moon was a huge expanse through the little window and she felt fear grip her heart and squeeze. The rocket landed with a bang that hurt her ears. The engines turned off and although she wished she could stay within, she knew the rocket wouldn’t carry her back home. With the deepest sigh she had ever taken, she donned her backpack and stepped outside, leaving any feeling of security behind. The first footstep was the hardest.

Taking a few steps away from the rocket, she looked out across the moon to take it all in. It was dusty, rocky and full of craters. The worst thing she noticed was just how silent and empty it was. The girl had the greatest urge to look back at earth, at home, but she knew that to do so would be a mistake. All of her strength would crumble and she would lay there on the moon unable to move an inch…

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