World Diabetes Day: Eleven Things I’ve Learned Since My Diagnosis

World Diabetes Day: Eleven Things I’ve Learned Since My Diagnosis

So, it’s World Diabetes Day today and it’s almost two months to the day since I was diagnosed with Type 1. Like I said in my previous post about the worst three days of my life, I’m still processing and still dealing with everything that’s going on, attempting to understand why my blood sugar acts in the way that it does.

I know it’s not something I’m going to be able to get to grips with within such a short space of time, there’s still so much to learn that I feel I’ve barely scratched the surface. That’s why I’m collating a list of things I’ve learned about being a type 1 diabetic:

  • Sometimes diabetes just happens – I don’t have any close related family members with Type 1, but sometimes it’s just something that occurs. I am my family’s patient zero
  • You can go from high to low in short periods of time. Seriously, my blood sugar went from 11 to 3 in the space of 2 hours (interesting…)
  • An Auntie Anne’s Pretzel will send your blood sugar so high, your MySugr blood glucose tracker app can’t physically put it on the chart – I knew what I was doing, so this is completely my bad
  • You can prick your fingers with a lancet so much so, that the side of your fingers bruise
  • You CAN use your little finger to test your blood sugar despite what the Ambulatory Care nurse tells you – that’s two more fingers for blood sugar testing real-estate bitches!
  • Carb craving is a thing. I have only ever really experienced this once as far as I know, and it was after eating dinner where my blood sugar sank to 3.7
  • Note to self: Eating half a packet of digestive biscuits is not the way to rectify a low. Digestives are slow-digesting carbs which will lead to accidental highs – hence the overcorrection of 15.6
  • Having your hypo snacks by the bed is a dangerous thing – you will snack on them. Often. More often than necessary. You will need to buy more hypo snacks
  • Sending your mother a diabetes-related tattoo will cause her to panic, thinking you’ve got another tattoo and then criticise its execution
  • You’ll forever allow yourself to drink as much coke zero as you like as it won’t affect your blood sugar in the same way as regular coke, but it will also lead you into a false sense of security that you won’t put on weight by drinking too many
  • When you go into double digits at lunchtime, that means that dinner is a write off so you may as well have that huge portion of chips, curry sauce and battered sausage

All in all, I have many, many things to learn and I’ll get there soon. There’s nothing wrong with fumbling my way a little bit and I realise I’m going to have the highs and the lows when it comes to my blood sugar but it’s to be expected. I’m cutting myself a break. The dietician said I could and ever since he told me he wasn’t there to tell me what not to eat I view his word as law.

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